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Metalter’s cutting-edge NMLT nano-technology is able to alter the structure of a metallic surface, significantly improving its resistance to physical wear and chemical effects. The components of NMLT react with the surface of the metal in localised metal-metal contact zones at high temperature, creating an extremely dense metal-crystal structure (Fig c). 
The hexagonal crystal lattice structure (Fig a and b) provides metal surfaces in the tribo-systems with unique anti-wear and anticorrosion characteristics.




Although the new modified surface structure is extremely hard (up to 14 GPa), it is considerably more flexible than metal. This helps the structure withstand mechanical impacts, vibration and other physical loads. 

Fig.A                              Actual image*

Fig.B                               Actual image*

* this surface visualisation has been made at a polished cross section of a sample after selective chemical etching zoomed by optical microscopy. 

These images show the results of hardness tests before and after the application of Metalter NMLT. Tests were carried out using a Berkovich-type probe (triangle diamond pyramid), with an indentation step of 8um and a loading of 50mN.

The local micro-hardness value H was calculated using the following formula :

H = F/Ac = F/1.1 x Ap 
(where F is the maximum loading imposed on the indentor, Ac is the contact area during intentation and Ap is the area of the indentation)

The results obtained indicate that the surface hardness before application of the treatment (Fig A) was 2.5GPa and the surface hardness after application of Metalter NMLT was 12.4GPa.

The higher hardness and flexibility of the treated surface results in an increase in durability of the machine. Tests suggest that this can lead to an increase in machine lifespan of up to five times.

* this surface visualisation has been made at a polished cross section of a sample after selective chemical etching zoomed by optical microscopy.


Fig C shows the metal surface of a cylinder wall before treatment, while Fig D clearly shows the modified surface structure in a similar cross section after the

application of Metalter DPT20 compound. 

Fig.C                                Actual image*

Fig.D                               Actual image*

In addition to reducing surface friction by increasing smoothness, the new surface structure created by Metalter’s NMLT technology resists chemical corrosion and oxidation reactions. The result is increased efficiency and performance, as well as reduced cost, longer life and lower environmental impact.


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