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Diesel engine oil

Hi-Performance mineral oil with NMLT additive complex to provide comprehensive protection for diesel engines>>

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Hydraulic fluid

Mineral heavy-duty hydraulic fluid developed to maximize protection from wear and reduced sludge formation>>

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Gearbox treatment 

Hi-Tech tribological compound developed to eliminate wear, vibration and noise in different type of gearboxes. Increases life of gears up to 4times >>

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GP Grease

Hi-tech multipurpose grease developed for comprehensive protection of bearings and joints>>

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Gearbox oil

Metalter GBL

Hi-performance heavy duty mineral oil with NMLT anti-wear additive complex.  Decrease wear intensity, working temperature and vibration in all types of gears >>

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Diesel engine treatment

Metalter DPT20

Hi-tech compound  for diesel engines. Efficiently improves performance,reduces wear and corrosion >>

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Hydraulic treatment

Metalter HST20

High performance protective treatment for hydraulic systems. Improves durability and performance. Prevents sludge and varnish formation>>

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SP Grease

Nano-technology special purpose grease for superior protection, high performance and long life>> 

New Products

Hydraulic treatment

Metalter's ECO solutions
Ecology. Green lubricating technology

With Metalter resource-saving technology, we have achieved significant results in respect of resource conservation and emission reduction, making Metalter the most comprehensive green solution for the modern transportation industry.


Trouble-free fleet

and up to 5 times longer equipment life with Metalter’s nanotechnology lubrication products which deliver higher lever of performance, long life and  trouble -free operations 


Leading lubrication technology and comprehensive resource saving and environment protection solution for your business

Hi-tech gearbox oil

Metalter GBL NEW.png

Metalter GBL

High-performance oildecreases COF, temperatureand gearbox vibration whilstimproving durability

Hi-tech gearbox treatment

Metalter GBT20.png

Metalter GBT20

Advanced tribological compound designed to eliminate gearbox wear, vibration and noise, whilst increasing life up to 4 times

Diesel engine treatment

Metalter DPT20.png

Metalter DPT20

Diesel engine compound that improves performance whilst reducing wear and corrosion

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