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Hi-Performance heavy duty grease

Metalter MXG is multipurpose heavy-duty lithium soap based grease with NMLT anti-wear additives, designed for efficient lubrication of heavy loaded rolling and sliding beadings over a wide temperature range. This grease has been developed with cutting-edge NMLT technology to provide the bearings and movable parts in your mechanisms with the highest protection from wear and corrosion. Application of Metalter MXG will decrease wear by between 4 and 6 times whilst increasing the service life of the bearings.


• Extends service life of the  rolling bearings by 3-6 fold
• Has long lasting performance
• Provides excellent  protection for high speed operation
• Provides excellent lubrication under high loads and low  speeds
• Protects from to damage by vibration
• Perfectly protects the metal surface  from corrosion
• Works in wide  temperature range
• Prevents damage from by micro-welding caused by electric currents


1kg, 5kg, 20kg

How Metalter works in your equipment?

Metalter is able to effectively protect hydraulic systemcomponents from wear and chemical corrosion, extending service life by 2-3 times. 

How Metalter Works In Hydraulic Systems

How Metalters works in your equipment?

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Protection From Corrosion & Rust


Metalter oils are proven to maintain their performance for longer. 

Metalter Oils Last 5 Times Longer


Take a look at how you can make significant reductions in your operating costs by adopting Metalter as your lubrication solution of choice. 

Maximize Your Cost Savings 

New Products

Hydraulic treatment

Metalter's ECO solutions
Ecology. Green lubricating technology

With Metalter resource-saving technology, we have achieved significant results in respect of resource conservation and emission reduction, making Metalter the most comprehensive green solution for the modern transportation industry.

operating cost 

Save up to 45% on

Metalter’s nanotechnology lubrication products deliver high performance, long life and economy 


Leading lubrication technology and comprehensive resource saving and environment protection solution for your business

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Hi-tech gearbox oil

High-performance oildecreases COF, temperatureand gearbox vibration whilstimproving durability

Metalter GBL

Metalter GBT20.png

Hi-tech gearbox treatment

Advanced tribological compound designed to eliminate gearbox wear, vibration and noise, whilst increasing life up to 4 times

Metalter GBT20

Metalter DPT20.png

Diesel engine treatment

Diesel engine compound that improves performance whilst reducing wear and corrosion

Metalter DPT20