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Metalter DPT20

Diesel engine treatment/oil additive

This hi-tech compound has been developed for the treatment of diesel engines, efficiently reducing their wear and corrosion. The special formula is capable of producing a significant reduction in the friction ratio increasing engine operation efficiency and lowering average fuel consumption. DPT is developed for efficient protection of engines operating in different climatic conditions.


• Anti-wear protection and engine service life is increased 4–5 fold
• Oil life cycle increased to 2000–2500 working hours
• Fuel consumption is decreased by 7 to 20 %
• Engine power is increased by 5–10 %
• Prevents corrosion

• CO and CH content in exhaust gases is reduced to 60 %
• Treatment frequency – annually

Metalter GBT20

Gearbox treatment/oil additive

This hi-tech Metalter treatment is developed for the efficient protection of transmission mechanisms, including gearboxes, differential gears and final gears from wear and corrosion. Metalter GBT20 significantly reduces the friction ratio in the system, leading to reduced wear, less vibration, and lower working temperatures.


• Gearbox service life is increased by 3–5 times

• Prevents chemical corrosion

• Lowers vibration and noise levels

• Lowers working temperature providing protection       from overheating

• Improves system efficiency (performance factor)

• Oil exploitation period increased to 2500–3500             hours

• Treatment frequency – annually

Metalter HST20

Hydraulic system treatment/additive

This hi-tech synthetic compound is developed to ensure protection and efficient operation of hydraulic systems in extreme climates. It significantly increases the systems service life, protecting the mechanism from deterioration and chemical corrosion.


• Superior protection from wear
• Effective control of oil oxidation and sludge                   formation
• High protection from damage by abrasive                       contaminates
• Prevents metal corrosion and rust formation
• Increases operational speed

• Oil life cycle increased by 3-4 fold
• Treatment frequency – annually

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Hydraulic treatment

Metalter's ECO solutions
Ecology. Green lubricating technology

With Metalter resource-saving technology, we have achieved significant results in respect of resource conservation and emission reduction, making Metalter the most comprehensive green solution for the modern transportation industry.

operating cost 

Save up to 45% on

Metalter’s nanotechnology lubrication products deliver high performance, long life and economy 


Leading lubrication technology and comprehensive resource saving and environment protection solution for your business

Metalter GBL NEW.png

Hi-tech gearbox oil

High-performance oildecreases COF, temperatureand gearbox vibration whilstimproving durability

Metalter GBL

Metalter GBT20.png

Hi-tech gearbox treatment

Advanced tribological compound designed to eliminate gearbox wear, vibration and noise, whilst increasing life up to 4 times

Metalter GBT20

Metalter DPT20.png

Diesel engine treatment

Diesel engine compound that improves performance whilst reducing wear and corrosion

Metalter DPT20