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Maximize efficiency of your fleet

Although every Metalter product contributes to the efficient operation of the machine, reducing fuel consumption and improving performance, the full economic effect cannot be achieved unless Metalter products are used throughout the entire system. For each type of equipment we offer a specific treatment procedure, which can be customized for your requirements by our expert team. Send details of your equipment along with the year of manufacture to tech@metalter.com and we will provide you with details of our recommended treatments with calculations of the cost savings you could achieve.

This example shows how a range of Metalter products can be used in a Komatsu dump truck

Transmission: GBL, GBT

Final drive: GBL, GBT

Axels: GBL, GBT

Engine: DPL, DPT

New Products

Hydraulic treatment

Metalter's ECO solutions
Ecology. Green lubricating technology

With Metalter resource-saving technology, we have achieved significant results in respect of resource conservation and emission reduction, making Metalter the most comprehensive green solution for the modern transportation industry.

operating cost 

Save up to 45% on

Metalter’s nanotechnology lubrication products deliver high performance, long life and economy 


Leading lubrication technology and comprehensive resource saving and environment protection solution for your business

Metalter GBL NEW.png

Hi-tech gearbox oil

High-performance oildecreases COF, temperatureand gearbox vibration whilstimproving durability

Metalter GBL

Metalter GBT20.png

Hi-tech gearbox treatment

Advanced tribological compound designed to eliminate gearbox wear, vibration and noise, whilst increasing life up to 4 times

Metalter GBT20

Metalter DPT20.png

Diesel engine treatment

Diesel engine compound that improves performance whilst reducing wear and corrosion

Metalter DPT20