Metalter Oils Last 5 Times Longer

All Metalter oils last up to 5 times longer by controlling :

a) Oxidation   b) Thermal degradation  c) Shearing  d) Contamination 

​1) Me​talter slows down oil oxidation and termal degradation

Oil oxidation is a chemical reaction between molecules of oxygen and hydrocarbons in which temperature, water or metal contaminates act as catalysts. Without these catalysts, the oxidation process is much slower, and the oil can last 5-6 times longer. Temperature is the most powerful catalyst in the oxidation process, with the rate of oxidation doubling for every 10 degrees Celsius temperature rise. Surface roughness combined with oil contaminates can result in high friction zones between machine parts, where the temperature can spike as high as 300 degrees Celsius. Such high temperatures will certainly speed up the oxidation process and result in increased varnish and sludge forming through oil burning

Surface roughness (Fig a and b) contributes significantly to system performance degradation and oil contamination. At the micro areas of contact between metal surface of the rubbing parts, temperatures can reach 300-500 degrees Celsius (Fig a and b). These high temperatures accelerate the oxidation process and contribute to increased oil burning. By leveling the surfaces (Fig c), the hot spots are eliminated, significantly reducing oxidation and the formation of sludge of varnish.

a                                                    b                                                     c

Metalter interacts with the surface of the metal in a process that we call NMLT. This creates a polycrystalline surface structure that removes any surface roughness and creates a nonmetallic layer with increased hardness, flexibility and chemical resistance properties.


With less friction and greater resistance to contaminates there is significantly less heat and as a result oxidation is reduced.

2) Metalter protects oil from shearing forces.

Inside a machine oil can also be physically destroyed by shearing forces, which tear oil molecules apart at the high pressures and high temperatures that can exist between rough surfaces. By smoothing the surfaces and increasing the resistance to contaminates, these high temperatures and pressures are eliminated, thereby reducing the physical forces that would normally destroy the oil.

3) Metalter prevents oil contamination

By reducing friction between parts, increasing surface hardness and preventing oxidation, less contaminates are produced inside the system. This significantly extends the life span of the oil and reduces the frequency of oil changes.
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Ecology. Green lubricating technology

With Metalter resource-saving technology, we have achieved significant results in respect of resource conservation and emission reduction, making Metalter the most comprehensive green solution for the modern transportation industry.


Trouble-free fleet

and up to 5 times longer equipment life with Metalter’s nanotechnology lubrication products which deliver higher lever of performance, long life and  trouble -free operations 


Leading lubrication technology and comprehensive resource saving and environment protection solution for your business

Hi-tech gearbox oil

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Metalter GBL

High-performance oildecreases COF, temperatureand gearbox vibration whilstimproving durability

Hi-tech gearbox treatment

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Advanced tribological compound designed to eliminate gearbox wear, vibration and noise, whilst increasing life up to 4 times

Diesel engine treatment

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Metalter DPT20

Diesel engine compound that improves performance whilst reducing wear and corrosion

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