How Metalter  Protects Hydraulic Systems

1. Decreased oil contamination

Oil contamination is a significant contributor to reduced system performance and durability








Friction between moving parts gradually produces particles of metal and sealing materials that are suspended in the fluid (Fig a). These particles reduce the effectiveness of the lubricant and increase wear (Fig b and c).


The particles flowing between the moving parts grind the surfaces, increasing clearances and destroying critical tolerances. This abrasive action can result in leakage, aeration, temperature increase and a range of other effects that will reduce performance and contribute to failure. Metalter significantly reduces the level of oil contamination by altering the molecular structure of metallic surfaces, increasing scratch resistance and wear-resistant properties. These factors help reduce oil change frequency as well as improving equipment performance and operational life.

2. Protects metal surface from corrosion

Metalter HS significantly improves the chemical resistance of metal surfaces by forming a non-metallic protective layer whose molecules do not react to oxygen and water, effectively preventing oxidation.

One treatment with Metalter HST protects the system for one year.


3. Protects the hydraulic system from wear and improves performance

A number of factors contribute to wear rate in the system including surface roughness, the softness of the metal and contaminants in the lubricant. Conventional fluids can not efficiently fight against these factors.











Surface roughness (Fig d) and metal softness (Fig f) are the most significant causes of increased friction. Hard contaminants in the oil damage the surfaces, increasing roughness and creating more contaminants in the form of metal shavings. 

Metalter HS modifies the molecular structure of the metal surfaces, making them highly resistant to wear and oxidation. The compound effectively reduces the friction coefficient of the metal and can extend the equipment life by between 3 and 5 times, even with contaminated oil. 











The modified surface produced by Metalter (Fig g) has a hardness of between 12.5 and 14.5 GPa, and is highly flexible. This protects the moving parts from wear even in oil with sand or quartz crystal contaminants (Fig h). Because the modified surface is harder than the contaminants there is no scratching and no wear (Fig i ). 



Important: Application of Metalter HS at least once each year can triple the operational life of equipment whilst maintaining its level of performance. 

4. Decrease level of sludge & varnish contamination

The products of wear (fine metallic particles of copper, iron, aluminum ,etc) act as catalysts in the oxidation process, accelerating the chemical breakdown of hydraulic fluids and forming sludge or varnish. Because Metalter HS significantly reduces wear it also reduces the buildup of metallic contaminants in the oil, and hence decreases the rate at which sludge or varnish are formed. 

(a)                                                 (b)                                                    (c)

(g)                                                   (h)                                                   (i)

(d)                                                   (e)                                                    (f)

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